What is Bluewater Cruising?

Sep 19, 2023

When insurers refer to “Bluewater cruising” for boats, they are talking about a specific type of sailing or boating activity that involves navigating and sailing in open ocean waters, often far from coastlines and in potentially challenging conditions.

This term is important to insurers because it represents a higher level of risk compared to coastal or inland sailing, and it can affect the terms and pricing of boat insurance policies.

Key characteristics of Bluewater cruising include:

  1. Open Ocean Navigation: Bluewater cruising typically involves extended voyages that take boats far from land and into the open ocean. Sailors may be out of sight of land for extended periods.
  2. Challenging Conditions: Cruising in open waters can involve facing a wide range of weather and sea conditions, including storms, heavy waves, and unpredictable weather patterns.
  3. Self-Sufficiency: Bluewater cruisers often need to be self-sufficient for extended periods since they may not have easy access to ports or assistance in case of emergencies.
  4. Long-Distance Travel: These voyages can cover long distances, sometimes spanning across oceans or involving circumnavigation.

Insurers use the term “Bluewater cruising” to differentiate between different types of boating activities when underwriting boat insurance policies. Because Bluewater cruising carries higher risks compared to coastal or inland sailing, insurance policies for such activities may have higher premiums and more stringent requirements, including safety equipment, vessel condition, and the qualifications and experience of the boat’s crew.

It’s essential for boat owners planning Bluewater cruises to understand the specific requirements and coverage offered by their insurance policies and ensure that they meet all the insurer’s criteria to maintain coverage while engaging in this adventurous and challenging form of boating.

We’d be delighted at Topsail Insurance to quote for any of your Bluewater requirements whether that’s a trans Atlantic crossing, cruising the southern Pacific Islands, the Caribbean or anywhere in between please get in touch with our team for a quote.

Top 9 Charter Holiday Locations Worldwide

Aug 9, 2023

Here at Topsail, we’ve been thinking about the top charter holiday locations worldwide.  It can be hugely varied of course, based on personal preference, your interests, and what you’d like to see! Here’s some of the popular charter yacht destinations, sought after by travellers:

1. The Mediterranean: This region offers a diverse range of destinations, including the French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Greek Islands, Balearic Islands, and Turkey’s coastline. With beautiful views all around, you’ll be sure to enjoy exploring to your hearts content!

2. Caribbean: Known for its stunning turquoise waters, the Caribbean offers various options, such as the Virgin Islands, St. Barts, Antigua, and the Grenadines.

3. Seychelles: An Indian Ocean paradise with crystal-clear waters, coral reefs, and pristine beaches. Here, you can enjoy snorkelling and diving amidst the gorgeous marine life.

4. Fiji: A tropical haven in the South Pacific, boasting vibrant marine life and unique island cultures.

5. French Polynesia: Home to Tahiti, Bora Bora, and other breath-taking islands, offering luxury and seclusion. Relax on the beaches, or head to Mount Otemanu to see the sights.

6. Thailand: The Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand offer a mix of vibrant culture, stunning islands, and clear waters. Head off the boat and to Phuket for exciting nightlife and vibrant street markets.

7. Alaska: A unique choice for adventure seekers, offering rugged landscapes, glaciers, and wildlife. Something rather different awaits with whales, orcas, sea lions and bald eagles to be sighted!

8. Whitsunday Islands: A true tropical paradise with beautiful views and beaches to visit, as well as the Great Barrier Reef!

9. New England, USA: Coastal destinations like Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and Newport offer a mix of history, charm, and scenic beauty. In September and October, take in the changing seasons as autumn arrives.

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Ocean Cruising Club – Sailing Since 1954

Jun 1, 2023

The Ocean Cruising Club exists to encourage long-distance sailing in small yachts and is the true ‘Home Port’ for the ocean-going sailor. The Club is a fraternity of accomplished sailors who have completed a 1,000-mile offshore passage in a vessel of 70 feet or less.

Established in 1954, the OCC now has over 3,500 members from 61 nations worldwide. Members have sailed to virtually every corner of our earth and continue to do so. Bringing the spirit of seafaring to their association by always being willing to assist any fellow sailor we meet, afloat or ashore.

Their members share something most people will never comprehend. They understand what it means to be alone at sea, to be completely self-reliant, to be subject to the whims of Mother Nature, to be humbled and empowered at the same time. This sets them apart even as it joins us together.

There are many tangible benefits for members. Although the OCC has no clubhouse, they meet up by flying our OCC Burgee. Their bi-annual publication Flying Fish, quarterly Newsletter, monthly eBulletin, SSB Radio Nets, and 295+ Port Officers, all of whom welcome and take pleasure in assisting visiting members, keep them in touch around the world. They also stay in touch virtually via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Other benefits include discounts from suppliers and marinas, free dockage offered by fellow members, and our Mentoring, Youth Sponsorship and Challenge Grant programmes.

Flying Fish is the journal of the OCC and features inspiring tales of members’ adventures across the world’s oceans. With more than 400 circumnavigators within the OCC’s ranks and others exploring extreme passages, there is never a shortage of adventures. It also carries practical articles and information.

Their Regional Rear Commodores, Roving Rear Commodores and Port Officers span the world and are a huge asset for the OCC cruising community.

If we’ve sparked your interest, talk to any member who will be flying the blue and yellow OCC Burgee with its distinctive flying fish, or visit www.oceancruisingclub.org.

Join as a full member who has sailed 1000 nm nonstop or as an associate member who plans to do so;

• More than 295 Port Officers across the world ready to help with logistics when needed

• Online database and printed handbook

• OCC App showing news, members, Port Officers and the locations of members’ vessels via AIS

• Cruises in company and social events

Join online: www.oceancruisingclub.org/Membership

Topsail Insurance are proud to support the Ocean Cruising Club. Details of the benefits we offer can be found here.