Lightning strikes while sailing: top tips on staying safe
Nov 2, 2023

So, what should you know about lightning strikes, and how can you keep yourself and your crew safe? Let’s find out.

Why is it important to protect against frost damage?
Oct 26, 2023

Frost damage poses a significant threat to boat engines when precautions are not taken.

Club Class Insurance Services joins the Group!
Oct 19, 2023

We are delighted to announce and to welcome, Club Class Insurance Services to the Topsail Insurance Group.

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers – are you ready?
Oct 5, 2023

The ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) is one of the world's most popular and well-known long-distance sailing rallies.

Are you thinking of getting a boat?
Sep 28, 2023

Sailing, with its blend of adventure, skill, and connection to the elements, is a pursuit that has captured many of our hearts.

What is Bluewater Cruising?
Sep 19, 2023

When insurers refer to "Bluewater cruising" for boats, they are talking about a specific type of sailing or boating activity that involves navigating and sailing in open ocean waters.

Sailing: Make it a family adventure
Sep 8, 2023

Let’s explore the joys and challenges of family sailing and learn how to make your family voyage a success.

10 reasons why everyone loves Rigid Inflatable boats
Aug 31, 2023

Rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) have gained popularity for numerous reasons due to their unique combination of features and capabilities.

Are you curious about racing your boat?
Aug 24, 2023

Sailing races are a captivating blend of skill, strategy, and teamwork.

5 Essential Tips for First-Time Narrowboat Buyers
Aug 17, 2023

Here are 5 tips to consider when purchasing your first Narrowboat.