Apr 3, 2023

The Jubilee Sailing Trust are a UK based charity, who work hard to provide sailing opportunities and experiences to everyone, regardless of their ability levels. Their Tall Ships vessel, Tenacious is designed to be 100% accessible for everyone; the ship can accommodate people with a wide range of abilities and health conditions. For example, the ship wheelchair lifts enable everyone the chance to ‘go aloft’, speaking compasses, and adapted equipment at the helm. 

As you know, everyone will face a huge challenge at some stage of their life – be it medical, family related or otherwise. For some people, things can build up and can be particularly hard to cope with, which can lead to feelings of isolation, inability to cope or stress. The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) enables people to be liberated from these feelings by ensuring that the playing field is even for all, and that all sailors on board discover the similarities and strengths that they share with others. It is a wonderful environment for people to find out how much they are truly capable of, and how strong they really are.

The trips that the JST provide can be truly life changing for the crew members who can sail with them; they also offer bursaries, and will support you in your journey towards completing a voyage.

We are so proud at Topsail to support the Jubilee Sailing Trust with our Tall Ships Travel Insurance policies and welcome you to contact us to find out more, if you have an upcoming trip planned. Starting from 1 April, Tenacious will be heading back across the Atlantic, back to the UK from Bermuda! Will you be on board? We’d love to hear all about your trip!

To find out more about the JST, you can read about Kate’s experience sailing here; Kate has sailed many voyages with JST and has truly developed her love and passion for sailing! https://jst.org.uk/story/kates-voyage-of-discovering-sailing/