Frank Singleton’s Weather site gives many links to forecasts and a wealth of weather information on weather and using forecasts. He is the author of Reeds Weather Handbook
Frank does not offer a forecasting service but tries to help sailors understand weather and forecasts.


Tropical Storm Risk (TSR) offers a leading resource for predicting and mapping tropical storm activity worldwide. The public TSR web site provides forecasts and information to benefit basic risk awareness and decision making from tropical storms. The new TSR Business service and web site offers real-time products of unrivalled accuracy for the detailed mapping and prediction of tropical storm impacts worldwide. TSR has won two major insurance industry awards – the British Insurance Awards for Risk Management (2006) and for London Market Innovation (2004)


WetterWelt GmbH was founded in 1999 and Dr Meeno Schrader and his team to provide high quality customer orientated weather service.
With 30 years of experience and over 40,000 sea miles as skipper through vast varied regions of the earth Meeno and his team are justly qualified to offer a trip consulting service for any part of the globe.
As part of his service you will receive all the necessary weather information that you need so that you can make clear and confident decisions:

  • Detailed descriptions of weather condition developments
  • Forecasts of wind direction, wind strength, gusts, wave height, visibility, and significant weather
  • Commentary to help putting all the information together
  • Weather charts with isobars/fronts in 12-hour increments
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